June 13, 2011

Brazilians Voted Latin America's "Funniest Nationality" Global Poll

Brazilians Voted Latin America's "Funniest Nationality" + World's 4th Funniest: Global Poll

• Americans Rated World's "Funniest Nationality"

• Brazilians Voted Funnier than Mexicans and Argentinians

• Germans Voted  "Least Funny"

• Humour is Vital when Meeting new People

Brazilians have been voted Latin America's "funniest nationality" and the world's fourth funniest, in a global poll to find the nationality "best at making people laugh".

The same poll names the Americans the world's funniest nationality and the Germans the "least funny".

30,000 people across 15 countries were asked to pick both the "funniest" and "least funny" nationality in a poll conducted by Badoo.com (http://www.badoo.com), the world's largest social network for meeting new people, with 119m users worldwide.

"When we meet someone new, one of the first things we notice is whether they make us laugh", says Lloyd Price, Badoo's Director of Marketing. Badoo helps millions of people meet every month.  

"Brazilians are not just gifted footballers but also gifted at making people laugh", says Price. "Brazil is the land not just of Pele and Ronaldo but also of brilliant comedians like Bussunda."  

Indeed, when Badoo asked users to pick the world's "least funny nationality", the Germans ranked top… but the nationality considered "least funny" by the FEWEST respondents was the Brazilians. In other words, when the question was phrased this way, Brazilians scored best of any nationality.  

The Mexicans were voted Latin America's second funniest nationality and the world's sixth funniest, followed by the Argentinians, who ranked 11th globally.

The Americans were named the world's funniest nationality, as the folks who brought us not just sitcoms like Friends and The Simpsons but innumerable great comedians.

The Spanish were voted the funniest Europeans, ahead of the Italians, French and British.

The reputation of Germans for lacking humour probably derives from the German reputation for efficiency and rationality, perceived to be at the expense of humour.

It was, however, the British poet, WH Auden, who best expressed the importance of humour, when he observed: "Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh."

Funniest Nationalities

    1.    American

    2.    Spanish

    3.    Italian

    4.    BRAZILIAN

    5.    French

    6.    Mexican

    7.    British

    8.=   Dutch

    8.=   Russian

    10.   Belgian


Least Funny Nationalities

    1.    German

    2.    Russian

    3.    Turkish


Source: Badoo polled 30,000 users online in April/May 2011