January 20, 2012

Brits ditch detoxing and favour fun to beat the January blues.

New study reveals Plymouth as UK’s most determined town to beat the blues 

  • Brits are determined not to be beaten this New Year with over two thirds (68%) admitting they are actively fighting the dreaded January blues
  • Residents of Plymouth are the most determined with over three quarters (77%) saying they’ll be doing something this January to keep their spirits up 
  • Those in Bristol are the least likely to cheer themselves up with just over half the respondents (52%) in that region admitting to doing something to beat their winter woes  
  • Detoxing is dead with only 1 in ten people (10%) planning to use January to detox 
  • Socialising is considered the best cure as nearly half (43%) of people admit to going out ‘more than’ or’ the same’ as they would usually this January 
  • Money worries are not hindering the fun as almost one third (30%) of people will be making the most of January offers when they go out

A new survey commissioned by Badoo, the world’s largest social network for meeting new people, today reveals that, contrary to what people might think, Brits aren’t staying in and detoxing this January. Over two thirds (68%) of respondents admit to doing something to combat the January blues and it seems socialising is the preferred tonic with almost half of Brits (43%) admitting to going out ‘more’ or ‘the same as usual’.

Most popular things to do this January 

  1. Socialising (going out) 


  1. Making the most of offers & vouchers


  1. Catching up with people you didn’t see over Christmas and New Year


  1. Checking out new places to eat / drink


  1. Making new friends


  1. Looking for a partner


Sunny South Coast 

People on the south coast seem to have the sunniest disposition and are most determined to stay positive and beat the blues this January. Plymouth has emerged as the most determined, with over three quarters (77%) admitting to focusing on getting through January with a smile, closely followed by south coast neighbours in Southampton (76%). Those in Bristol are least determined to fight the blues with only 52% of people committing to actively wanting to keep the winter blues away. 

Towns set on fighting the January Blues 


  • Plymouth – 77%
  • Southampton – 76%
  • Manchester – 74%
  • Oxford & Hull (joint) – 72%
  • Brighton – 71%
  • London, Leeds & Liverpool (joint) – 70%
  • Cardiff – 68%


New Year, new hobby


Unsurprisingly, Brits are also seizing the New Year as an opportunity to broaden their horizons with half (49%) taking up a new hobby or interest. A quarter (25%) of people are beating blues by applying themselves to learning a new skill and just under a quarter (22%) taking up a new hobby. 

The more traditional of New Year activities such as more exercise and detoxing are lower down people’s priority lists, with just one in ten people (10%) starting a detox diet and just over one third (35%) are or will be starting a new exercise class or sport.

Amy Mills, a spokesperson for Badoo.com which carried out the study, commented: “This survey shows that Britons have resolved to make this January a good one - and our user data shows that this is one resolution they're sticking to.  We've noticed a 34% increase in UK registrations since the new year - in the UK alone, there are now more than one million people actively looking to meet new people on Badoo. It takes a little extra effort to beat winter woes and maintain a good social life but this survey proves that people are willing to get out there and give it a go!  Badoo is a great way to find like-minded people who are also set on beating the blues this winter. If you’re determined enjoy yourself in January, then Badoo is the place for you!”